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Here is a list of the signs in small type found in the lower left-hand corner of the houses and what planets shown in much larger type inside the houses rule them:.

The planets in the dual signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, are easy because they all aspect each other, and there are no exceptions because the houses ruled by the dual signs are never next to each other. The first house, also known as the Ascendant or Lagna , is shown by the double diagonal line in the larger chart above.

The Hardest Aspects To Have in the Chart

The sign on the Ascendant is Libra. Venus is then considered to be the Ascendant ruler.

The houses are read in a clockwise direction from the Ascendant. One of the main ways Allison received her knowledge of a murder that happened or was about to happen, was through her dreams.

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They often have dreams that are highly detailed and foretell future events, although only the ones who do active dream work are likely to realize this. Neptune makes an exact trine 0 degrees, 0 minutes! Neptune being connected to its own house greatly strengthens the inherent psychic potential of the house. He does not accept the status quo and works diligently to bring about much needed change. Gerard has the Sun and Venus in Pisces.

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Venus is also in the 8th house. His intuition and sensitivity to people are very high and he is likely to gain popularity due to these traits. Mars is also slightly OOB at 23d 30 minutes.

Mercury in Cancer/Pisces

Numerology Gerard was born on the 10th, making his birthday number 1. However, number 8 can be somewhat egocentric.

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  6. What is an Aspect??
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