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You have to browse the psychics and choose one that you like who is available. Then you have to call the numbers promoted on the website to pay and connect. You will probably land on an automated answering service who will take your card details.

Only then, when your payment has gone through will you have the opportunity to connect with your preferred psychic. It also looks as though attention has been applied to the quality too. They are also reasonably priced so if you like them, they are definitely worth purchasing. We like the originality — it invokes curiosity and interest.

We also have to say that the blog content is interesting and most of it is unique. This certainly is much appreciated in a world where everything you see online is the same as everyone else. You can also read the horoscopes of celebrities which is another fun blog-type feature shown on the Mystic Meg site. Once again, Mystic Meg has come up with some interesting and unique psychic games. They should, however, be treated as just that — a game.

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This is probably because they are held to account because their brand is well known and they have to protect their reputation. Following on from this, when it comes to Mystic Meg, everything is in order. However, you can get a better deal and much better features from a psychic site which has their own psychics and especially one who provides real customer reviews for you to browse for each psychic.

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Not only do the reviews sections help you to make an informed decision about where you spend your money but they also keep both the psychics and the company who is managing them focused on providing good readings. This is unless they are famous and providing their readings themselves, as John Edward is who we have previously reviewed. We also feel that a search function for readings, a wider variety of psychics, and more availability of the psychics are important factors when making your choice. Plus, easier to view and more detailed psychic profiles are extremely important when you are choosing a psychic.

Mystic Meg could do more to make her psychic services more aligned with what the customer wants and needs. Of course, we love Mystic Meg! We do know though that there are better psychic sites out there who provide a much more focused and broader psychic service and who also offer very competitive introductory offers.

That said, if you do love Mystic Meg and want to support her — you will be safe in her hands. Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now. Psychic Source — Low priced readings right now! Home reviews mystic meg. Visit Site. Mystic Meg. Pros and Cons Interactive and entertaining website If the jewellery is to your taste it looks like good quality Psychic and astrology readings available.

The psychics are provided by an external company. Choose a psychic who stands out to you. Create an account, quick and easy. Get your first 3 minutes free! Get answers from your psychic advisor via phone or chat.

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The originality on the website. The professionalism. That Mystic Meg is proving to be a brand you can trust. The look of the website. More work could be done to provide a better reading experience. The games might be taken seriously by some people who could be misleading.

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September You are adventurous in ways that surprise yourself — and a partner. September Now you know who you can trust — and this is the moment to act. September The closest bonds in your life deserve to be celebrated. September Family loyalty feels faded but underneath a bond is strong as ever. September You begin to feel a new strength and stability in your self-esteem.

September Willpower, opportunity and pure luck are your gifts from Mercury.

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