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Didn't mention the Arabic parts of death, assassination, murder, illness, catastrophe, fatality, or treachery, either.

Did not mention harmonics. This blog is aimed at students trying to learn the basics, and they have a hard enough time with the simple aspects. I don't like to confuse them. I personally prefer the Ptolemaic aspects, myself, because the more I add in, the more muddled the chart becomes, IMHO.


I have been studying a chart the past few days of someone who looks at risk from upcoming eclipses. It would NOT be good to make the wrong prediction in this situation, so to search for confirmation, I went back and re-studied the charts of a murder victim I was close to, and the death of my sister from cancer last summer. Neither chart had aspects to ANY of those parts or midpoints just mentioned. But now I have thought of a couple more that I should recheck. Thanks for that! If you'd like to comment on the chart I'm working on now, that would be great, too.


Do you do natal charts and such for a fee? And is there an email I can correspond with you on? Comments are moderated to prevent spamming. July 25, The Death Axis in Astrology. There are three questions beginning astrologers often look for as soon as they can read a chart, and their order usually depends on their age, marital status, and financial status.

They are:. Will I ever win the lottery? When will I get married? When will I die? First, and foremost, we could be wrong. Imagine the impact on the client.

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Astrology is a fairly precise science, but interpretation depends on the skill and experience of the astrologer. Otherwise, we have to go searching for it. In the case when a client has been diagnosed as terminally ill, they may have important business to take care of before they go. Those things might include saying goodbye to loved ones, burying the hatchet with old enemies, taking care of finances, finding homes for children or pets, or fulfilling a bucket list.

In that case, you would be doing the client a favor if you could give them a small window. I once heard of an astrologer who was terminally ill, and her friends joked that she wanted another astrologer with her when she passed so that someone would preserve the precise time of her demise for astrological posterity.

The person who Googled the search term that sent them to me is not a beginning astrologer, though. Rectification is the process of working backwards in the chart, using known life events to find the correct time through planetary placement.

How You Will Die, According To Astrology, Pluto, And The 8th House

There are many reasons why someone might not know their birth time. Also, we might want to read the chart of someone famous or historical whose birth data is private or unknown.

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You know But when they do, we have the daunting task of trying to figure it out. But sometimes we have no starting point at all. It once took me twenty-five years to get a birth time I needed. Now the moment of finding it is its own "eureka! There are some people whose data I will want until the day I die, because the time is unknown. But also remember that their moon, or a strong planet, a configuration, a stellium, or a host of other things might be just as responsible for our perception of them.


All we can do is try different possibilities until everything begins to match up. The more events to work with, the better. The births of children are usually not helpful unless there was something exceptionally unusual or traumatic about the birth.

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The reason for this, is that birth time belongs to the child, not the mother. Okay, finally, the death axis:. There is no specific death axis, per se. There are many contributing factors. When it comes to the chart, every picture tells a story. JFK Jr. She never looked a mess, or inappropriate. And she was very strict with her children when it came to manners. In her biography about Diana, Sally Beddell Smith writes:.

Because of her quicksilver temperament, Diana could slip easily from one mood to another, confounding those around her. In many other situations, usually those in which she was emotionally involved, she could as easily be irrational and weak. She was very impulsive. The fact that Diana had the Moon in Aquarius — a rather unexpected position, given that that it is usually quite stand-offish and cool, and can often result in emotional distrust and a difficulty committing emotionally — seems to reinforce the Uranian aspect of her character and may explain why sometimes she could be quite rebellious, erratic and impulsive.

The fact that she had the Moon in the second house of self esteem and self worth is also significant because it does point to a deep-seated insecurity which baffled many people, given how beautiful she was and how adored she was by her public. The art dealer, Oliver Hoare, for instance, had to call the police after his home was bombarded by over silent crank calls — thought to have been made by the Princess of Wales, after she supposedly developed an obsessive crush on him.

This is classic of people with strong Plutos and being in the 8th house of intimacy, which is naturally ruled by Scorpio, I can see why this was almost a driving need for her — it was a force over which she had little conscious control. It also speaks of a deep need for intimacy, as well as latent healing abilities, if channelled in the right direction.

Her former acupuncturist, Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo wrote in her biography that Diana was constantly in search of love and a close bond with that special someone. When her boys went away to school, she was lonely and forlorn. She had her flings and believed often in the wrong people. I wonder whether he too will have healing powers like his grandmother? Unfortunately, Mars-Pluto can also be indicative of a vindictive streak, while a Moon-Uranus contact can easily result in the tendency to just up and leave, or suddenly cut people out of their lives — and there are many stories of how she would drop friends or get staff fired if she fell out with them or thought they had been disloyal.

It is also clear from what some of the alternative therapists close to Diana have said, that she had a strong interest in spirituality and healing. Indeed, some claimed to have trained her to perform spiritual healing techniques, and that this is she was actually doing when she touched or held the sick, wounded and dying on her countless tours of hospital wards, cancer centres and hospices. Whatever is true, she certainly broke barriers down when she did things like touch AIDs patients without gloves and hug sick children — something that I think is possibly an expression of her MC-Uranus sextile.

It is interesting that Uranus is so close to the North Node in her chart — it suggests a strong, almost karmic need to devote her life to making the world a better place by breaking down barriers and affecting change — something she certainly seem unafraid to do. She also told her father, Earl Spencer in her early teens that she would marry someone in the public eye.

It is perhaps no coincidence that just a few months after her death, the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, known as the Ottawa Treaty, was signed by over 40 countries, amongst them the UK [v] — something she had lobbied strongly for during the last few years of her life, most notably in January when she called for a ban on all landmines during a visit to Angola. Coming as it did just one day before the solar eclipse in Virgo on 1 September , a sign considered to be a very malefic portent for royalty by the ancient Babylonians, this double attack on the two symbols representing her life force must surely be considered an ill omen.

It is tempting to see transiting Mars, the lesser malefic, in the chart of August , as a possible symbol of assassination, given how it sits on her Midheaven and makes a square to her natal Saturn in the first house. But then again, it could equally represent a terrible accident. Most chillingly, as an astrologer, it is hard to overlook the fact that she was about to experience her Pluto square — one of the most challenging of the midlife transits — one that can often bring about the first intimations of mortality.

In fact, it would have begun to make itself felt on the 10th of September — just a few weeks after she died. However, coming as it does at around 36 years of age, this transit does often often coincide with the death of a loved one or a symbolic brush with death, perhaps in the form of a health scare, serious accident or difficult illness, which often serves as a stark reminder that life is brief, and that time could be running out to accomplish all that you set out to do in your twenties.

It has been documented that Diana was feeling just like this. She allegedly told a friend, Roberto Devorik that she feared for her own life, saying on a helicopter flight that he should cross his fingers because they might get blown up any minute. Well, at first glance, it is hard to ignore the fact that her Pluto square takes place across her 8th house of death and her 12th house of secret enemies — a traditionally malefic house associated with scandal, hidden secrets, as well as death.

As well as transiting through the 12th, Pluto also happens to rule the 12th house cusp depending on what house system you use , so could be interpreted a rather strong symbol of exactly what Diana feared — being asssassinated by dark, unseen forces. However, the 12 th house is also the house of the psyche and of self-undoing. With a natal Mars-Pluto conjunction in the 8 th house of death, and Pluto transiting the 12 th house of sub-conscious fears, an overwhelming terror of death or of dark forces could well be one of the ways in which her Pluto square could have manifested itself.

Pluto is also very much a planet associated with betrayal and if you think about it, Diana may have perceived much of life to be a series of betrayals — from her mother leaving her children for another man to her father remarrying another woman without telling his children or inviting them to the wedding, to a husband whom she feared was having an affair behind her back, to the many friends, lovers and confidantes who sold her out to the media.

Very early on in her marriage to Prince Charles, when she was suffering from post-natal depression and a serious case of bulimia, he asked Laurens van der Post, his aged friend, to counsel her. Some were reputable — many others were charlatans and quacks. Soames was named as one of the most vulgar and sexists MPs in a book about women in parliament. The bodyguards who were hired to protect them that night also deny that there was any whiff of an assassination plot, the one finally choosing to leave the services of Mohammed Al Fayed because he refused to go along with all the conspiracy theories.

It is a point to remember that of all the ironies about Diana, perhaps the greatest was this — a girl given the name of the ancient goddess of hunting was, in the end, the most hunted person of the modern age. This, together with the fact that the driver of the car had an extremely high blood alcohol level 3 times over the limit and was not qualified to be a chauffeur, makes it clear that it was not just the paparazzi that were to blame for what happened, but rather that it was a perfect storm which led to an unfortunate and tragic accident.

Many say that the phone hacking scandal did little to erase this view from their minds. Of course, it is easy for us to be so glib about it all when we are not the ones who have lost their mother to what was obviously a preventable tragedy. However, as Arthur Edwards, the photographer who has known the princes since they were babies, once said in an interview:. He holds his head up at all times — even at the lowest points of his life.


Harry held his head up high but fought back the tears. Even at 12 years of age he shows great strength of character and has accepted his destiny. William could learn a lot from his younger brother in how to cope with the trials and tribulations that they will both face throughout the rest of their life. Unlike his mother, who has a Sun-Mercury conjunction, which often gives an airy, more Geminian feel to the way the Sun expresses itself, suggesting that Diana may have had a somewhat more analytical perspective about the realities of life in the public eye and the necessary evil of keeping the media onside to further her public causes , William has a Sun-Moon conjunction in Cancer making him much more emotional.